Thursday, January 18, 2007

Connectivism Online Conference

Many would have heard about the Connectivism Conference being organised by George Siemens that is to be an online forum exploring how learning has been affected by ongoing changes and the new opportunities that exist. The conference will be on from the 2nd to 9th February. See the schedule here. Presenters include Stephen Downes, Will Richardson, Bill Kerr, Terry Aderson, Diana Oblinger (from Educause). To get a sense of the issues that will be covered, the wiki Learning Evolves is full of intereting points of view and links. Can't wait to be involved in this, as underlying all my almost obsessive reading in the edublogosphere, I am really trying to understand how to be a better teacher to my students. To do this, I am interested in theory and trying it out, action research and self study, being involved in discussion both virtually and face to face with other professionals, and just recently getting into Second Life to experience its educational possibilities. (I am Joanna Hathaway in second life if anyone wants to make contact). I love the way online conferences allow us to be involved and the way edubloggers are encouraging participation and conversation. Speaking of inviting participation, here is another intriguing blogger I am enjoying lately.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the Connectivism Conference - may bump into you there...although it unfortunately coincides with the return to school.

  2. Yes it's a pity about the timing. But I feel like we will get insiration for starting the year and that's a good thing, I guess. Thanks, Soul cradler, for the comment. It is good to find a kindred spirit, and I *love* the name of your blog.