Saturday, December 02, 2006

A teacher's voice

Just wanted to mention something that nb wrote about her experience the other night. Nat was invited to speak at the VIT at a forum on 'Critical Literacy: Pedagogy or Ideology?' about some of the articles that have generated a range of views on a topic which has recently generated several articles and letters in The Age and The Australian. Her response was based on her experience in the classroom and is so inspiring. What I loved was her response to the critiques of English teaching that have been published during the year:
You may have been as surprised as I was myself when I realised that my pedagogy placed me firmly within the ‘loony fringe’- a term used by the editors of The Australian for those who do not share their view that anything other than the ‘universal’ Western canon should be taught in English classrooms. You may also be able to appreciate the somewhat disconcerting experience of learning that the ideas I was engaging students with were “serious ideology” (as opposed to frivolous ideology, I can only assume). You might have experienced the dismay that I did when I read that by encouraging my students to engage thoughtfully and critically with texts, I was apparently denying them the opportunity to experience the “simple joys of reading".
She has included her students' voices on their learning and her presentation slides as well in a fantastic post. Go on over and have a read.

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  1. Thanks, Jo. I should point out that my tone is incredulous in the extract Jo has used, in case anyone missed it!
    Jo, I just opened Andrea Hayes' Cambridge VCE English Guide and your face (and blog!) smiled back at me! Congrats!