Friday, December 29, 2006

Five things about me

I have just been tagged by Cool Cat Teacher. Here are five things about me:
1.My computer programmer son just changed my operating system to Linux - Ubuntu (something he's been wanting me to do for ages) and so now I'm using the Epiphany browser. It's not too bad, but I feel like a geek. Haven't worked out how to listen to podcasts yet though. (It says I need a plugin; never mind, I'll work it out).

2.I have five children and three of them are going overseas in the next six months (working holiday, study and volunteer work). It's all a bit scary. Emily is going to Ireland and the UK for a working holiday. She has just finished her postgraduate course in Information Management but will probably work in whatever field she can find work. Felicity will be working in a hospital in Bolivia for six weeks. She has nearly graduated as a nurse. Lachlan is hoping to study overseas. He just finished Year 12 and did very well.
3.Like Graham I went to boarding school for part of my secondary education.
4.Got so tired after school ended for the year on the 15th December that I couldn't blog, couldn't even think for a while (still recovering).
5.I will be going to China in April for a conference. So that's four of us applying for passports all around the same time. My conference is part of the professional development required of teachers who are teaching in the International Baccalaureate Program. We are just starting in 2007 with year 7 and I will be teaching English. It will be fantastic to go to China to visit the Guangdong Country Garden School, and to meet others who are teaching this worthwhile program.

I would like to tag Nancy McKeand, Judy O'Connell (when she gets back from holidays) Paul Allison, Bob Sprankle, the Reflective teacher and Doug Johnson

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  1. Man, that's a tough one! I've got to think about what five things I'm going to write.