Monday, November 27, 2006

"What is this blogging stuff and where can it take us?"

I have just had a very enjoyable time of thinking and reflecting about my experience of classroom blogging. I have been given the honour of being asked to contribute to a chat on "what is this blogging stuff and where can it take us?" at Ivanhoe Grammar by Joseph Papaleo on blogging and have been finalising my presentation. I haven't done many presentations, and selecting the bits I want to highlight made me want to smile with the antics of the students who are being themselves in this new medium. It does add a lot of joy and even exhilaration to teaching when you open up your classroom to the outside. The honesty of the students is probably not all that surprising: after all I guess they feel at home communicating on the internet (not getting into the polarisation caused by the "digital natives" and "digital immigrants" terminology). I feel so proud when looking back at what my four classes of students over two years have been doing. I am looking forward to the conversation and meeting other teachers interested in blogging face to face. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. It's so exciting to see that blogging can indeed be such a success in the classroom, and I admire and congratulate you Jo for perservering and succeeding. Good luck with your presentation - not that I really think you'll need it because you've already done such a great job, and your enthusiasm for what you're doing, if nothing else, will carry you through.

    Go classroom blogging!!

  2. Thanks Jo. You did a marvelous job. A very enthusiastic and cheerful presentation. All of our staff were very impressed with you you had to say and the work you have done in your classes. Thanks again Jo.

  3. Jo,

    I'm sure your presentation went well. I'd like to see it if you decide to post it. I read several ed tech blogs and you are one of the most thoughtful and reflective writers out there.

    I'm glad you mentioned the digital immigrants/natives issue. When I first read that article I was a convert to that metaphor, but as I see others talk about it, I can't help but think that it does more to divide teachers and students than to help. Many students have a superficial or limited understanding of technology and I'm not even talking about the digital divide.

  4. Anonymous6:19 am

    I know what you mean about being inspired by your students' enthusiasm for blogging. I'm such a novice myself that they're helping me learn. And that's always been the most exciting thing I've experienced as a teacher.

  5. This sounds great Jo. Would be great to have you and Joseph come talk with out teachers some day - or maybe I can come visit you both. Great inspiration coming out of Melbourne! And you're right of course - the enthusiasm from students lights the fire for teachers to jump into blogging. Cheers, Judy