Sunday, October 15, 2006

Women of Web 2.0

I love it! Another place where I can come and share and see familiar people in another context. Vicki, Cheryl, Jennifer and Sharon have set up Women of Web 2.0 or WOW. It's place for collaborating, networking and learning or, in their own words: "Women of Web 2.0 is for all who are using the tools of the internet whether it be in a classroom setting, leading seminars, authoring books, maintaining blogs or wikis, or just enjoying the tools of the internet in an educational and exciting way." These women are amazing in the example they give and the way they facilitate others to learn. There's a bulletin board, a newsletter, a blog and even a shop. The people who have joined come from a variey of countries and are a variety of ages. Go on over and see the wealth of resources and experiences they are gathering together.


  1. JO thanks for this. I was talking to Anne Paterson today about how I feel intimidated to post in some spaces. Maybe it's not gender but the underlying ethos. It's early days yet but I'll be keen to see how this site develops. It could be really useful for Val Evans' project as well.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments! This is so overwhelming, but it will work because we have some great folks, including you all in our network. Our means, all of us!
    Cheryl Oakes

  3. Anonymous11:21 am

    Thanks for including us on your blog!! It is amazing to see the need for a place for women to share -- but also the quickness in help that we are seeing as well.

    thanks again

  4. This is so fantastic. I got to your blog through your Elgg account and now I see you are part of WOW. Me too!!
    Connectivity at its best.