Friday, October 13, 2006

Blogging on MySpace

I have been blogging "away". Just recently I signed up to MySpace in much the same way as some other teachers have: Wes Fryer who says "I am starting this myspace site because I am an idealist, and I know many other people out there are too. I know we can change the world, because we have the chance to have conversations with each other. Conversations and relationships change us." or Nancy Dowd who writes about Web 2.0 libraries. I have started my space but haven't done much yet. I have been reading the blogs of my students and been amazed (both good and bad). Overall the feeling seems to be positive. I read a very thoughtful memorial of a friend of theirs who had passed away a year ago (known also to me) and was pleasantly surprised at the role the MySpace blog had in the grieving process. I read of their feeling about being in the last few weeks of school before their final exams and what the school has meant to them. I read of their plans for the (immediate) future and felt for them. You can spend an awful lot of time immersed in another (virtual) world. I am now wondering about the two spaces that some of my students have: their blog for school and their myspace. I did ask one class to reflect on their experiences with other blogs if they have one and one student said that she thought MySpace was a waste of time and destructive of relationships, so not all young people are enamoured. So these are my musings on this warm and lazy Friday afternoon.

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  1. Hi Jo, As a former English teacher (now a TAFE Communication teacher) I was fascinated by your insights about myspace.