Monday, August 28, 2006

Students' thoughts on teachers

"What are good teachers like? What qualities do they have? What does it mean to be a good learner? What are qualities of good students? What expectations do you have of this class? What expectations do you have of me as your teacher? What does it mean to have a good learning environment? I recently read Smiths 9th Grade honours class blog and was interested in what her students were saying. I would love to know what you think. "
This is the blog entry I posted to the year 8 class blog this morning and I was interested in what the students posted as their reflections on this topic. Many students saw the questions as just one more thing they had to do and simply answered the questions in as few words as possible, but others were a bit more reflective:
Gracie wrote: "Teachers would have to have people skills, knowledge, caring, and helpfulness, anger management, compassionate and persistence. I think kids should become more respectful of there teachers because being a teacher is a very hard and tiring job." Right on, Gracie! Fun was mentioned in many posts as was listening: students wanted the teachers to listen to the students but also thought that students should listen to the teacher. Hannah writes concisely about what she thinks and mentions that teachers should not bring their home problems to class, in other words she expects professionalism. So do I. She also reflects that if students are wagging it would be a sign that the teacher should make their classes more interesting. Fran's post is well worth reading: reflecting on respect and expectations, she writes with passion. I would have to say she gets the blog post of the week for this class, this week.
I should also mention that the students did not have a lot of time to reflect on this one, and I think it would have been better if they had had more time. Some of the brevity of their answers may also be a reflection of the stress the students are under at this time of the year with so many assignments. But I still thought it was good to take some time out to reflect on why we are here.

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