Saturday, August 12, 2006

English stories rewritten

Some new blogs just posted on the Directory of Australian Edubloggers: Mark Howie has just started (Re)writing English; he says that the "enthusiasm with which other English teachers have embraced blogging as a means of reflective practice is something I have found inspiring." He also quotes Paulo Freire on writing: "If we think about the intimate relationship between reading, writing, and thinking and about our need to intensely experience this relationship, we might accept the suggestion that at least three times a week we should devote ourselves to the task of writing something." How true. His blog is a critique of the "neo-liberalist education narrative" which ranks students into "winners" and "losers". He writes passionately and from an informed postition. Have a read.
The second blog just listed is the related(?) English Stories, which "has been created to provide a central collection of the public stories that are told about the subject English." The creator of this blog hopes "that fellow English teachers might find this blog to be a useful resource, and can use this blog as a place to share comments, insights and opinions on the subject English and its public representation, especially in the media."

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