Monday, July 24, 2006

A teaching revolution?

I love first person stories of teachers learning things and I just love this post by The Fraudulent Teacher. She doesn't write much but when she does it's always worth reading. She talks about her "revolution" in thinking about alternatives to reams of photocopied notes given to the students. It is a great read and I recommend reading the whole post. She describes her process of thinking and learning and includes this: "Young techno-savvy teachers will not see this as revolutionary. However, I know that many of my colleagues - some not so old - are shy of technology. But I’ve proved that you only have to start using technology to develop your skills and become comfortable with the equipment and experience your own teaching revolution." I happen to know that Fraudulent Teacher, like me, is one of those teachers who trained a long time ago so if we can do it there's hope yet.


  1. all these mysterious references to your age... i've seen them for the year i've been reading your blog now Jo. Not saying i need to know... just letting you know i'm noticing :-)

    my concern is that many of the 'young' teachers i've seen are not very 'techno savvy'. sure... they can type, wordprocess and google... but many don't seem to have a clear grasp on the tech. Some of the older teachers seem far better at adapting.

  2. ok I'll stop now Dave. But for the record I'm half a century old this year. But I feel great!