Monday, July 03, 2006

Some significant blog posts

Via Tim Frederick's blog: Teaching Question and Answer: a place for teachers to go and ask questions as well as answer other people's questions. I had a look and there is a thoughtful question about how to be helpful and supportive of a student teacher just waiting to be answered. He also has a site Teaching Bookshelf where teachers can share books that are important to them. It is starting to develop a bit of a network and I can really see the possibilities here.

And while I'm featuring great blog posts - I loved this one from a student in Snow Lake, Canada "What I learned from blogging". One of the things s/he learned was "that when you have a blog you can write as many posts as possible". Right on! Also noted was the importance of networking. I guess they have a fine teacher.

Both the blog posts are highlighting what I have found so important in theis edublogosphere the social aspects, the networking, the community, the learning. I have just started back at school for semster two today (with 2 days of professional learning) and I'm looking forward to continuing to develop the links in cyberspace as well as face to face.

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  1. A great blog for teaching is

    It really let's teachers, parents, and students communicate and has good positive feedback.