Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Digital chalkie podcast

Last night I listened to a recent podcast that was recorded a week or so ago by Brad Hicks, Kelly Anderson and Paul Reid, some of whom are recent graduates of the webcast academy. It was great to hear Aussie voices speaking about classroom blogging and other “web 2.0” things. They had a visit from Doug Symington as well. They plan to do these webcasts regularly. Listening to the podcast I was inspired and learnt new things for the newest set of classroom bloggers (another group doing the unit Recreating the Writer) who will be starting in the next few weeks. Brad and Paul have set up Digital Chalkie to “provide a hub for Australian educators using ICT to engage and facilitate the best educational outcomes for their students.” Kelly is a great example of someone using blogging and podcasting in the secondary English classroom. While I was poking around Digital Chalkie I found Terri Van Zetten’s wiki which is a lesson plan for setting up blogs with primary school kids. I found it very helpful.

The more I learn about engaging with educational technology the more I think it is necessary for more teachers for to try these things out with their students. On the Edblogger News site I found an article that seems to exemplifies what the future might be. It makes us wonder, as Paul Allison says, "How do we prepare teenagers for the world that is described here, the Internet as a social tool? Do we have any responsibility or do we leave this up to young people to figure out?"


  1. Hi Jo,

    Thank you so much for the supportive comments. I set-up Digital Chalkie to establish a hub/magazine/think-tank for teachers to support each other, and to collaborate in the use of ICT. I've found a lot of good discussion and tips for teachers using ICTs goes on behind the password protected walls of email lists. So why not let the powers of web 2.0, google keywords and RSS to get these sources of information into a more co-operative space. With the help of Brad Hicks and Webcast Academy Digital Chalkie is now moving into webcasting.

    In fact we'd love to have you on-board for our next show - a follow-up to classroom blogging. We intend to focus more on the technical side of blogging. Your unique expertise on the pedagogical motivation and the technical side of blogging would be of great interest to the webcast/podcast audience. The time is sketched in for Sunday July 30 at 5pm GMT+8 (7pm AEST) though we will confirm this in a more formal email soon.


  2. I would agree--we should be using the technology that our students are already using. I used a classblog for the first time this summer in a graduate class on Managing Diversity and was very excited about how it allowed the students to continue the conversation outside the classroom.