Saturday, July 08, 2006

Creative Commons and teachers' work

Nancy McKeand, whose blog I regularly read, alerted me to the way that we could stand up for the sharing of thoughts and ideas that make the edublogosphere share a rich and interesting place. She has put a Creative Commons license on her blog
"(n)ot because I am worried about anyone stealing anything they find here but rather because I want to make a statement. I believe in Creative Commons licensing. I believe in sharing our thoughts and ideas and our words. As far as I am concerned, this license doesn't change anything here on the blog. But I want to make it official."
I, too, want to make stand and so I have added the licence on the sidebar. Exploring the creative commons site which I have been peripherally aware of was very enlightening. The push behind Nancy's post was something that has caused a bit of concern on the Oz-teachers mailing list: the idea that teachers should sell their lesson plans to each other rather than sharing them freely. It is clear that awareness about Creative Commons and copyright is a vital issue.
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  1. Good stuff, Jo. I agree - Creative Commons and copyright on the web is going to be a really important area for all of us to consider.. now and into the future.

    Have you seen the groovy CC Flash Animations? I've found 'Get Creative' to be a great tool for starting a discussion about CC.

  2. It seems more and more internet is going to the highest bidder - less and less is made available for free anymore *sigh*