Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Students' views

I have just realised I've passed the 100 post milestone! Wow. Today I read the article in SPress where students in my class were interviewed (it actually came out two weeks ago but somehow I missed it). Natalie Ryan of SPress interviewed three of my Year 8 students on the phone and wrote up some of their comments. Because I wasn't there for all of the interview I was most interested to read what they had said about the experience of blogging for them. One of the comments from Bree was "It's a lot different to writing things down on a piece of paper." I would love to know how - I suspect she means the impact of a potential global audience. Bree also states that when others comment on what she has written, "it gives me ideas and makes me consider the views of others". Zoe talks about blogging helping her "with spelling and grammar" and welcomes the chance to "express yourself and what you think about different issues". This is reflected by Hannah who states: "We don't have anybody cutting us off and stopping us saying what we want to say. I have improved how I say things - to make things not offensive but still get my opinion across." I know this is especially important for Hannah as she often has an opinion not shared by the majority. She feels able to express this opinion on her blog but has learned how to express her view effectively.

On another matter, I just read this post from Wesley Fryer on the conversation between Darren and Dean that I was so taken with yesterday,"Blogs like a neutron bomb!". He summarises and reflects on what these interesting educators say and adds value to the conversation too. Well worth a read.

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  1. Congratulations on the 100th post! I have enjoyed reading every one of them and look forward to another hundred and another and another and...