Thursday, April 27, 2006

English teachers in the Media

English teachers are somewhat in the public eye at the moment with education journalists wanting to get the teacher's point of view since the Howard broadside. Some of my English teacher colleagues at VATE (the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English) have been contacted by journalists and I was interviewed as well for an article to appear in the Education Age. This time it is not about classroom blogging (as this article from last week’s edition of the Education Age is) but about what I am doing in my Year Nine classroom in Literature Circles. During last period today a photographer from The Age came to photograph the students discussing their novels, an experience that ironically interrupted the discussions. As my blog has reached a readership among the parents of some of my students and others outside of the education field I have had people tell me that they had no idea about the behind the scenes work in a teacher’s life. It was like they had a new perspective from reading my reflections on my work, and that my writing was somehow making the work of education visible. However, my thoughts are only a part of the equation. By far the most important part of the equation is what the students experience, and how their lives are affected by what happens in the classroom. I guess this is the reason I called my blog The Open Classroom. I want to be open and reflective about my part in the educational adventure in order to improve the experiences of all my students. So welcome any new readers, whether in Australia, or international. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me if you wish.


  1. Congrats on the articles Jo! As always, your blog is inspirational!

  2. I like that your parents are reading the blog, do you ever use it as a form of communication to them? I think its great to keep them updated as to what you are doing, I've posted about this article on my blog: