Saturday, April 22, 2006

Baby blogs

This is a bit off topic, but my friend Liz who I have known for nearly forty years (we met when we were quite young, you understand) has a grandchild. Kaytie has a condition that means she has had to stay in hospital all of her short life and has had two operations before she was six weeks old. Kaytie’s parents are recording the journey on a blog called Kaytie's Story and I just wanted to mention it here because I am so impressed with their courage and honesty and how beautiful Kaytie is.

And on a related topic Dave from Worldbridges is going to be a dad very soon and his partner Bonnie is recording her journey on a blog called Crib Chronicles. Last night I listened to a podcast that Bonnie put out which was a Skype discussion between Bonnie and two of her friends, one in Canada and the other in Australia. As I listened to the podcast I was returned immediately to my days in playgroup which is where I learnt all the secret women’s business of what it meant to be a mother. Now it’s on the internet, and new generations of parents are sharing their knowledge and experience with the world. It really is a privilege to be part (however peripheral) of these momentous journeys.


  1. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Hi Jo,

    Oscar has come into the world.

    think I'm happy?



  2. I had a look at the photos, Dave, and they are gorgeous. What a wise looking boy Oscar is and the three of you make a beautiful family. I tried to comment on Flickr but couldn't. Congratulations to you and Bonnie.

  3. Hi Jo, it's Yve. I've just had a browse through your blog & found it very interesting, in light of curriculum & reporting changes occuring @ the moment. I'd like to chat more about that in future. Now that the world of 'blogging' has been opened up to me (through my sister-in-laws story of my neice 'Kaytie') & after viewing yours, it'd be great to have some educational discussions. I teach Yr 5/6 this year.

  4. Thank you Jo for your comments of our blog. I'm glad you were able to have a look :)

    Laura, Dave and Kaytie