Friday, March 17, 2006

Why do we blog with our classes?

From Christine of the Alan November Learning community today comes a great set of reflection questions:

Reflections for bloggers…..
  • How has blogging changed the way you do things in the classroom?
  • In what ways has blogging enhanced your teaching?
  • In what ways has blogging engaged your students?
And if you have anything to say about this it might be worthwhile posting it over here where Nancy is asking for ideas from teachers blogging with their classes:

"I am making final preparations to talk about blogging to a group of teachers on Saturday. One thing I want to talk about is why we blog with our classes. "
It'd be great to know what others think, especially since I am hearing a bit about blogging being uncritically hyped up. It is worth thinking critically about this, I think.

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  1. I am an English teacher in Buffalo, New York and I have found success using blogs as part of my units and as a way to communicate to students and parents weekly. Importanly, we can extend learning/conversations beyond the walls of the classroom. It definitely does give the quiet students voice. Here are some of my blogs.