Monday, March 20, 2006

Some answers to "Why do you blog with your classes?"

The other day I asked a question: "Why do teachers blog with their classes?" The original poser of the question was Nancy MacKeand. She received 20 comments from teachers saying why: answers that ranged from giving students a 'voice' and an authentic audience for their writing, to the sharing of writing and the social aspect of blogging, the diverse array of writing experiences, the fostering of class discussions, the fact that many discussions can be carried on beyond the walls of the classroom and so on. I encourage you to go over and have a look for yourself.

There are are two further things worth mentioning I think: the last comment from Darren Kuropatwa who doesn't answer the question himself, but rather lets the students answer for him. A little segment from one of the students:
"We as a class have learned how to communicate, how to ask questions, and take the most of of the opportunities that are handed to us. We now can take these things with us to future courses, and wherever our lives may take us."

And then what Nancy herself says. She asked the question through her blog and was able to get a variety of answers for her workshop. In fact as she says: "The teachers there were most impressed, I think, by your quick responses to my post. They could see the potential of blogs from that one post. "

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