Friday, March 24, 2006

No marking but lots of reading

It’s the end of the holidays – how did that happen? And have I finished marking the Year 12 Writing Tasks and practice essays on Henry Lawson? No I have not. Have I marked the Year 8 assignments on Fly Away Home? No I have not. Do I need to give them back on Monday? Well, there goes my weekend. I wish I was in Nat's position after her great effort.

But I haven’t done nothing in the holidays. I have read a lot for my Masters. I have re-read an oldie but a goodie – Douglas Barnes From Communication to Curriculum and planned all my lessons for year nine. This is interesting since I want to leave some things up to the students, a space for negotiation, but I think I’ve been able to this. I’m looking forward to this bit of teaching and will writing a detailed research journal documenting anything that seems significant. I’m also going to look for a book at the library that a friend recommended. Barbara Kamler’s Relocating the Personal. Here is a review of the book.

In my referrer stats I also found a blog post of a case study on my career as a blogger at the writedesignmultimedia blogsite which is the class blog for RMIT Professional Screenwriting 'Designing Digital Media' class 2006 The post, which is called 'Edublogs and their value as professional development tools for teachers', is based on an interview I did with Andrea Hayes. I’m not sure that everyone would agree with me about the pleasure and educational value of blogging but all of you, my readers, would I’m sure.

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