Monday, March 13, 2006

A New Media Curriculum for Education

In a demonstration of the collaborative nature of educators using technology to achieve something new, the Edtech Talk people Jeff and Dave facilitated what they called a “barnraising” to develop “A New Media Curriculum for Education” where ‘new media’ simply means anything after the overhead projector. They make it clear that they are not interested in technology for technology’s sake, but because of what it enables. The beginning of this curriculum can be seen at the wiki. Why would you be interested in this? Because this wiki came out of a lot of thinking and discussion by people who are passionate about education and who are experienced in using the technology elements as tools to enable learning. The use of the wiki both synchronously and asynchronously is beyond the controls of any one person and brings together plural voices with all the disruption that this entails. I’m willing to put in and see what can come out of this experiment and see where it leads us. I’ve already got a lot out of it. I’ve met new people, even talked on Skype to some Aussies, I’ve learnt some new vocabulary and there’s lots to think about with regard to how and why I’m teaching what I’m teaching.


  1. Jo, I would enjoy a skype conversation sometime soon but the closest we've come to real time conversation was in the EdTech chatroom on New Year's day!! Typical Aussies, we inquired about the weather first. What would you call a barnraising here - putting up a shed?

  2. You know Graham you're right. I confused the text chat with the skype call. It felt so real and I know I've heard your voice on the webcast. btw how do I get your email address to email you. I can't find it on your site.

  3. Good point - I've added it to my main page and my About Me page.