Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Podcast Conversations

Just recently there has been a wonderful conversation unfolding by podcast between Bob Sprankle's grade 3/4 class and a member of one of David Warlick's workshops at a podcast conference. The conversation started here when Bob introduced his class the the Wikipedia controversy when a false entry was made in this online encyclopedia. The students investigated this and did a podcast on the incident. Then David Warlick played this podcast at his workshop and recorded the discussion with teachers that ensued. One of the participants was sceptical that the work was that of the students. David recorded the responses of the teachers and put it out as a podcast here. Mr Sprankle played this for his students and recorded the discussion that followed and put it out as a podcast here. The insights of the students and the discussion really made my day. The who conversation really shows the potential of this technology and the learning that can happen. Have a listen - it's great.


  1. Seigenthaler has inspired a lot of feeling and a lot of talk hasn't he?

    I am sure the issues are simple for 8 and 9 year olds to understand, as they cover the higher level thinking which is needed.

    What a shame those much older can't really get their grips on it, because they cannot make the connection between technology life and real life.

    Did listen to the student podcast you recommended. But could not hear it and found other things much more interesting. A shame as it was a far more interesting and important issue than we'll get on the web for a long time!

  2. Thank you Bronwyn, for your comments and interest in what I am writing about. I came across your blog via your comment on Clarence Fisher's blog. The strange places we Aussies meet in cyberspace, heh?