Monday, January 02, 2006

Into 2006

I have been having a lot of fun tidying up around the house. I think its been over 12 months (more like two years, if I'm honest) since I've sorted through my books and papers. Inevitably I had lost and forgotten lots of useful stuff and now that I've found it again and put it in an accessible place I feel I'm in a good place to prepare for the year ahead. My pattern in the busy times to cope with mess had been to buy a big plastic container and just stack everything in unsorted and this is a recipe for disaster. I have found two very! overdue library books that I thought were lost forever. Here is an extract of a piece of paper I cleverly saved called 101 Ways to Cope with Stress. I have picked out the top 10 - at least for me. Some of these I do and some I will put into practice in 2006.

Here they are:
  • prepare for the morning the night before
  • say "no" more often
  • don't know all the answers
  • say something nice to someone
  • stop saying negative things to yourself
  • practice breathing slowly
  • remember you always have options
  • don't rely on your memory - write it down
  • talk less and listen more
  • always have a plan B
Over the new year period I spent some time listening to and participating in the Worldbridges New Year Webcastathon which went for 15 hours. Wow! Jeff Lebow hosted the cast, interviewing guests such as Dave Sperling from Dave's ESL Cafe (who I had a chance to speak with), Scott Lockman, Will Richardson from Weblogg-Ed, Stephen Downes and lots of others. There were also lots of interesting people in the chat room. Over the hours Jeff asked various people to contribute to an audio time capsule of 2005 where they reflected on things like:

- In 2005, I was most grateful for......
- My most memorable web experience of 2005 was.....
- The coolest innovation of 2005 was....
- The biggest surprise/disappointment of 2005 was....
- The most overhyped thing of 2005 was....
- In 2005, I started....
- My favorite blog/podcast/vlog of 2005 was....
- I think 2005 will be remembered as the year....

This is just a sample. There were also sentence starters for hopes and predictions for 2006. I think once it's all put together it'll be fantastic to listen to. I think Jeff is wonderful for doing this and bringing people together the way he does. The webcast will be edited into podcasts so you can have a listen over the next few weeks. The first bit is already up. Have a listen - I think you'll enjoy it.

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  1. Thank you for this entry.
    I really liked the top 10 stress reducing tactics. How many times have I been told to learn to say no!

    I am also going to take a good look at the pod casts from the worldbridges webcast.