Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Inspiration for the New Year

I have just finished reading James Gee's Situated Language and Learning. It's true I really am having a reading feast in these holidays. The main work of the holidays is to catch up on my reading for my Masters but also to prepare and set goals for my new classes, classes that I'm really looking forward to. Just wanted to include a quote that I want to remember. Gee (and I) sees the potential for schools to be:
sites for creativity, deep thinking and a formation of whole people, sites in which all (students) can gain portfolios for success, ... success defined in muliple ways, and gain the ability to critique and transform society.
Doing this will involve arguing against the neoconservative agenda such as that exemplified in this article from The Age yesterday. The limited views of text seen in this article is doing no-one any favours, least of all the students in our classes.

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