Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Listening, Reading and Viewing

This post is a short one just to let you know about a wonderful podcast I just listened to on blogging and eportfolios by D’Arcy Norman. Well worth a listen. My holiday reading includes Andrea Levy's Small Island and Gunther Kress Literacy in a New Media Age. And the other day I saw Goodnight and Good Luck, (tag line: we will not walk in fear of one another) which is a bit of a treat.


  1. Thank you for your comment on my post about leaving our old school. It seemed so final, that moment. I'm glad that my words (as I tell my students) 'said what I meant.' I'm even more glad that you let me know.

    When I read your comment, I was confused. There was your picture and you said that you are in Australia. My confusion stemmed from a blog that I regularly read which is titled "The Reflective Teacher" and is written by 'nobodyknows,' an American man.

    I will link to your blog sometime duirng this winter break. It should be interesting to see how teaching and learning are viewed half the world away. I'll bet that all the _important_ things are the same.

    Thanks again for your lovely compliment.

  2. Jo, I've listened to that podcast too. D'Arcy's thoughts were great especially as I've been wrestling with the concept of e-portfolios and the difference between them and blogs. Have you read the post that goes with the podcast?

  3. Chris Lydon's Radio Open Source featured a great look into Murrow and the film "Good Luck and Good Night."

    I've not seen the movie yet (probably not going to be too big here in Japan) but am looking forward to the DVD release.