Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Blogging Rhythms

I find that being part of a global community has its really interesting aspects. I sense a rhythm in the way we post. I go to bed having posted and wake up with lots of news to read and sometimes comments. Similarly, the rhythm of the seasons, particularly obvious in the exchange of posts between my class and Clarence Fisher’s class, commenting on the weather. I also felt it when Clarence wrote beautifully about the change of season from summer into “fall” and at the same time I also felt the change of seasons here in Melbourne. But now one that’s not so good. Now that we are winding down, I am getting great ideas from Tim Frederick and hoping that I’ll be able to remember them when I need them. Likewise when I would have appreciated the ideas that I am getting now, teachers in the other hemisphere were on their summer break. But I won't complain. I’m glad I’m part of a community.
And as part of that community listening to the EdtechTalk webcast with Barbara Ganley was really excellent. Barbara’s interview with Jeff and Dave on the benefits of student blogging – stating that it's all about the connections, the ability to connect in so many ways, ways that involve extending the creating and writing process, and being able to chart the journey, to encourage active learning, with the students reflecting on their own learning, and connecting with each other. It’s really worth listening to.

Just lately I have noticed that it’s harder to spend the time really thinking about what I want to write, and again Barbara talks about time and teaching and time and blogging. She articulates it very well. “And of course good teaching takes a lot of time. Reflective practices take a lot of time. Nurturing communities takes a lot of time. So I'm okay with the time it takes.”
And so am I.


  1. Beautifully said.

    I, like you, am enjoying the cross - hemispheric rhythm of the day. Posts from Australia often start rolling in to my mailbox at about 9 P.M. my kids wait to see them in the morning, so I must have them approved before then.

  2. I'm OK with the time, too. Less frequent posting usually means better posts for me, so I'm only doing it once a week or so.

    I love to read everyone else's though. I've gained some valuable insiights cince I started blogging in March.