Thursday, October 13, 2005

Webcasting and blogging

This week as part of the Worldbridges live webcast we shared a conference call between Jeff Lebow in the US, Dave Cormier in Canada, Scott Lockman in Japan and me in Australia. It certainly was an interesting, if somewhat nervewracking, experience for me. We talked about many things, including our class blogs, the Learning Times Australia group and the Directory of Australian Edubloggers. Some of the people I have met in the chatroom include Dennis, elderbob and Sue Roseman. The audio is available here and the chatroom transcript is here.

Part of the the conversation was about using blogs in the classroom and the practicalities of setting them up. Just this week the two writing classes have begun blogging again for fourth term. I was surprised and pleased to learn that quite a few had been blogging on their own (having set their personal blogs up during the holidays) and reading blogs. They seemed to get back into class blogging with some enthusiasm and it seems the quality of their writing has improved. The links to the class blogs are here and here and the students are linked to the class blogs, if you want to check them out. Please leave encouraging comments if you wish.


  1. The rewards of teaching special ed students are not financial, it's more of intrinsic rewards. I love my job!

    Let's learn from each other. Please feel free to exchange thoughts with us regarding the ideas I present in my entries. I hope you won't get intimidated by the commenters speaking in my native language (I am a Filipino by the way). You're always welcome to visit my blog.

  2. Thank you Teacher Sol. I have visited your blog and put you in my aggregator. I too am interested in connecting about teaching especially with teachers who are interested in the intrinsic rewards of the job (the students) as you are.