Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Memory and imagination

My two writing classes have moved onto their next piece. In this one we are aiming to access the students' memories and imagination. It is a family stories piece, and to start with they will come to school today with a story that begins with “I remember when…”, following this with a reflection on a family photo they have brought to class. Eventually I think they will be able to write something about, not what’s happened in their own generation or their parents', but something that may have happened in their grandparents’ generation. We will consider whether the tense of this piece of writing alters what they can say. I’m thinking that by writing in the present tense they will be accessing their imaginations. I have left this piece to last as I think that the writing the students will be able to produce in this way will be very interesting and that they will be proud of what they write. The students are reflecting as they go in their blogs (ERE A and ERE C), and as usual there is a variety of reactions.

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