Monday, October 10, 2005

Fun with Interactive Whiteboards

From Danny Maas at Tilt TV (Teachers improving Learning with Technology) in his lastest vieocast come resources that can be immediately adapted for the Interactive Whiteboard. He points to this site of games templates. These games were created in PowerPoint and you can download the templates and modify the games to fit your curriculum needs. He credits Mark E. Damon for these Millionaire and Jeopardy templates.

At our school we now have another IWB installed permanently in a classroom, which can be booked. It is available and ready to go at any time, just by saving any activity or game you have made to the shared folder. I know I’ll be adapting these templates for games and activities in my middle school units. The last game I made for the Merchant of Venice was very well received and what I saw was students going back to the text, talking about the characters and what the caharaters said and did. It was really intense engagement (not to mention competition) with this famous Shakespearean play and the students were having fun as well. I love the whiteboard.

With regard to classroom blogging Scott Lockman in his Comprehensible Input blog shares this great link. Thanks Scott.


  1. I've heard of these IWB's, but never seen one. We're lucky at our school to have a printer that works in the classroom.

    Right now our English Department is trying to get a document camera. You'd think we were asking for the Hope diamond.


  2. Good point on trying to get money to purchase technology. If it were my money, I'd definitely keep pushing for the document camera. The educational possiblilities are endless and if you buy one built into a digital projector you don't even need a computer hooked up to it (not sure about the stand-alone doc cameras). I've used the doc cameras to show my students different writing techniques in a novel, show a science experiment up close, show a map of a place, enlarge a picture book, work with math manipulatives, etc. And then there's the whole realm of possibilities when you connect it to a computer. Keep trying!

    Great work here Jo! I'd love to learn more about how you're using the IWB with your students. I'd also love to hear how you integrated the 'word verification' tool for your comments section!

    Danny Maas, TILT

  3. Oooo - great link. Thanks. I always love learning about new toys.