Sunday, October 23, 2005

Classroom Blogging

“What is it about the Australian educational system that keeps blogging from taking off as it has in the US? I'd be very interested in knowing how pedagogy and theory and real world computer access are similar to and different from the US.” Just recently this question has been in my mind (although the comment I am quoting is from a post published in March this year). While the Directory of Australian Edubloggers is growing as more people find out about it, there are not so many teachers using blogs with their students that I have been able to find. In my search, though, I did find Our Class 2005 which is “a blog for an English class of adult migrants in Sydney, Australia.”
Certainly, community building is being promoted among edubloggers by James Farmer at the community and Leigh Blackall with the Teach and Learn Online TALO Group (and there are no doubt other that I’m yet to discover). I would love to get more Aussie teachers using blogs just so I have more people to learn from and with, and because I think it is an interesting thing to do. It is true that we are on a journey and there are things we need to figure out, but we can figure them out together. Dave Cormier has posted on some of the issues over the last few days here and here. Something that I like a lot is being able to share with my students other student blogs such as those in Clarence Fisher’s class of bloggers and A School of Voices by Anne Davis just so they hear voices on blogging other than mine.


  1. Hi Jo!

    Just found your blog from your post on the TALO group! Thanks for the link to the Aussie blogger's wiki... will be sure to update it with my own there.

    I agree, it'd be great to be able to learn from each other... and it should be so easy once we find each other!

    Here's some that i'll add to the wiki when i get a chance:
    Personal learning blog

    Design Websites blog used with web design class (includes links to student blogs etc).

  2. Hi Jo,

    I'm not so sure that blogging has 'taken off' any more, by percentage, in the US. Certainly on our show the other day when Will Richardson was asked the question "now that blogging is standard" he replied very quickly that this was a surprise to him. They have ten times (or more ) the people to work with, only because they have ten times the people. We were actually saying just the other day how many cool educational things seem to be happening in Australia!
    love the blog,

  3. Jo, I've posted at my blog with a tie in to your post here. How do you go about encouraging your colleagues to get on board the blogging train? Sometimes it feels like there's only a handful of us on board, while everyone else is standing on the platform saying, "It looks good in there - if only I had the time to take the trip."
    Keep the good work - love reading your posts.