Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Australian Edubloggers

Just recently I have been enjoying listening to the Worldbridges webcasts. The name is very accurate as the guys there do bridge the world in numerous ways. They are in North America (both the US and Canada) and have people skyping in from all over. Last Sunday it was Josie Fraser from EdtechUK and another week it was Suse from Denmark. Skype really is amazing. I have just downloaded it and I am impressed with the clarity of the sound and it's very good value. Free! Free telephone calls regardless of where you call or how long you call. This conversation between people who have similar interests is really making bridges across the world.
On another matter I am wondering if it would be good to have a directory of Australian Edubloggers. Some time ago Leigh Blackall expressed a wish to have people comment on his blog if they are an Australian blogger to get a sense of who they are. He really gets us thinking about what we could do to increase the uptake of this reflective practice. Now there is a wiki which is a Directory that lists all Australian edubloggers who want to be listed. In this way we can support each other and learn from each other. I hope that this can be the start of an edublogging community that will have benefits to all on the list.
This Directory uses pbwiki - short for Peanut Butter wiki. This has recently been re-launched. It really is very fast, simple and easy. It’s free and the interface has been improved. As Derek Baird says it’s even easier than making a peanut butter sandwich. Have a look and see how you can use it.


  1. Maybe it would be best to leave your name and details here in the comments if you are an Aussie edublogger and I will enter the details for now as the pbwiki is password protected.

  2. Adrian Miles
    vlog 3.0 [a blog about vogs]
    Adrian Miles teaches the theory and practice of hypermedia and interactive video at RMIT University, Australia. He has also been a senior new media researcher in the InterMedia Lab at the University of Bergen, Norway. His academic research on hypertext and networked interactive video has been widely published and his applied digital projects have been exhibited internationally. Adrian's research interests include hypertext and hypermedia, digital poetics, and the use of Deleuzean philosophy in the context of digital poetics. He also explores the affordances of new technologies for networked literacies and the development of new knowledge objects in pedagogy.
    RMIT City Campus, Melbourne, Australia.

  3. Peanut Butter wiki? Sorry, I gotta go now - I just have to see that one.

  4. Hi Jo,
    I found your site by way of EdTechTalk and I think a directory of Australian Edubloggers is a great idea.

    My site is
    I am completing a Master of Science, researching blogs and online learning. By day I am an e-learning administrator.

    My blog at present is a bit sparse, as I gather ideas and work on my research. However, more writing will be coming soon.

  5. In order to view and add to the Directory it is necessary to have the password. This is: edubloggers
    Hope this helps if you've been trying to look.

  6. hi Jo,

    Thanks for providing the opportunity for me to list my blog on Aussie edublogger

    I'll pass it onto a couple of others I know of:

  7. Thanks Jo, my name is Roland Gesthuizen is my Edublog.. I might ask about if some other colleagues are also interested.