Friday, September 02, 2005

Is 'blog' a stupid word?

I was talking to a colleague today about the enjoyment and learning I was experiencing by reading educational blogs, and, just recently, starting mine. I mentioned how much I learned from my students' blogs and even referred him to a website, Blogs as tools for assessment, since we have been discussing our assessment and reporting practices at school as part of our school review. He looked at me, bemused, and said, “Blog, that’s a funny word. What do the letters even stand for? Is there a synonym we could use?”

I said that in simple form blogging was publishing to the internet, that it was a log or map of our learning as we searched the web and followed up areas of interest. I tried to say that there is a feeling of students and ordinary people being able to create content on the web not just consume it, the read-write web, that it gives students a voice and positioned them as constructing their own learning, I was on a roll, you can just imagine. Well, that’s enthusiasm for you. But it got me thinking about the word ‘blog’. Does the very term put some people off? Stop them from even finding out more? Is it jargon? Do you have any similar thoughts/experiences?

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  1. I don't love the word. "On-line journal" may be more accessible to people just entering the world of blogs (I HATE the word "blogosphere" with a passion!!!). Then again, using journal kind of suggests that it's a diary, which in many cases it isn't... I dunno. I do know that I will never be caught dead saying "vlog" - eww.