Monday, September 05, 2005

Interactive Whiteboard Conference

During the last two days I attended the IWBnet Conference in Melbourne. There was a trade display and a number of workshops. So many things I want to learn. The workshops I attended were several by Jo Bonaz who presented (interactively) on bringing PC software to the Interactive Whiteboard. She showed us how to use Excel and PowerPoint in an interactive way involving the whole class. Many of the things she showed us could be done using free downloads from Microsoft (It’s really hard to blog about this without sounding like an salesperson for the company). Another of her workshops was on authoring your own digital lessons. (Is authoring different to writing? but I digress). What I was particularly interested in was the student created content and publishing this in a student centred classroom. There was a lot of information on this, and there is obviously a lot of learning and making mistakes for me to do before I’ll really feel confident about doing interactive things in our trial of the technology. But I am going to try something in the next two weeks. I’m sure there’ll be a future post on these trials. One thing that I want to try once we’ve read our text (in this case The Merchant of Venice) is to have students take a scene from the play and use Photostory to narrate it, adding visuals and music to present a powerful interpretation of their chosen scene. In doing this, students would have to research to find appropriate images and music, demonstrate comprehension and analysis, pay attention to intonation as they read their scene, and think about how they can manipulate visual representation of the information to make it make it more powerful. At the moment I was imagining just one speaker for each scene, but there are also great opportunities for collaboration as well.

Right now the next session is just about to start and it’s on Blogs, Podcasts and the Interactive Whiteboard so I’ll sign off now.

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  1. Hi Jo

    I have passed on your links to the Englsih teaching staff at Trinity to show off your collection of resources.

    thanks for sharing this.