Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ethical blogging

Some interesting questions posed by Barry on the ethics of blogging. He asks “Is it ethical to publish private conversations without the speaker's approval?" and goes on to ask, “or has the nature of networked community become such that just as the public has become personal, the personal has become public?” That’s transparency for you. A comment on the post asks: "Is anyone doing anything regarding the ethics of blogs?

Alex Halavais has an interesting take on this from an academic standpoint. The educational blogging community discusses ideas and, as Alex comments, as part of that community, individuals have “a special obligation to cite ideas that we may have gathered from others”. Maybe it is about “making (the) invisible assumptions of bloggers visible." Or maybe it's just about thinking of others' feelings. It's about time that we have this discussion, I think.

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  1. Hi Jo,

    Ethical blogging indeed. I was fired for blogging once. Nothing in my blog that was particularly a problem, just the risk alone was enough for my boss! But I think it had more to do with apposing views on education actually...

    Thanks for commenting on my blog it's always great to score another reflective thought provoking blog based in Australia. I've added you to my bloglines account in the folder EducationAudtraliaNZ, (in case you where also looking for more edu blogs from AustraliaNZ.

    If by anychance you are free on Oct 21, I hope you will be able to make it to the Blue Mountains for a meeting. Other wise keep writing.