Monday, August 08, 2005

Professional Learning

Why do teachers blog?

In a recent post nb shares an important insight into what makes a fulfilling professional environment to work in. It includes relationships based on a shared love of inquiry. Here are some features of those relationships:

“1. A willingness to listen,
2. The confidence to admit one's own weaknesses and gaps in knowledge,
3. A willingness to share your ideas and understandings
4. Having confidence in the other member(s) to question and think critically about what you have to offer,
5. A willingness to question and be critical of your own practices,
6. Having confidence in each other (and giving each other the occasional supportive pat on the back)
7. A desire to learn,
8. A desire to learn together,
9. An ongoing collaborative process that you reflect on together from time to time, to see what good things are springing from it, and,
10. TIME to talk with each other.”
And this is just what makes blogging so important for me. Though I am so new at it, the blogosphere is an intellectual space where people share a love of inquiry. Here teachers can “engage in sustained reflection and research into their own classrooms and as a result experience great professional growth” as Scott has said. This makes blogging an effective personal reflection tool that also enhances collegiality among those who participate. Fortunately, the technology means that people who otherwise would never meet or know of each other can now be connected and a community, of a kind, is formed. Not to mention the increase in knowledge, inspiration and ideas that, hopefully, transform our learning spaces where we are. At least the potential is there. Just my thoughts on this freezing cold Sunday night. Am I avoiding those papers I should be marking?


  1. I couldn't agree more. I have learned more, grown more through blogging than I ever have in inservices or other professional development "opportunities". There is a sense of community here in the education blogoshere that does not exist in my current school or any other school I have worked in.

    Thanks for the links. I have to check them out.