Thursday, August 11, 2005

My Favourite Podcasts

Just lately I have been enjoying listening to these educational podcasters, probably because of their enthusiasm for the use of these new technologies, which I find refreshing. They vary in quality and production values but I really like the unedited nature of these reflections on aspects of the work of these educators in their different ways. Especially with Comprehensible Input, the podcast of Scott Lockman, an ESL teacher working in Tokyo we get to hear incidental bits of his life like the sounds of the busy railway station on his way to work, and the voice of his little daughter who is sometimes around when he is doing the recording. I also like the thoughts of Australian English teacher, Brett Moller with EDTech OZ and his musings on his year 7 class, Bit by Bit with Bob Sprankle, Connect Learning with David Warlick, and Teach 42, with Steve Dembo from the US (who has been on holidays for a while). It has got me noticing however, that the voices of women in educational podcasting are not often heard. Why is that I wonder?

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your post on my blog. A good friend of mine, Melissa Lim, will be joining us in the near future for one of our "Coast to Coast" podcasts. Melissa is a technology support teacher in Portland, OR and in addition to being a great support teacher has one heck of a blog about knitting...

    Am wondering if you would be interested in joining in on "Coast to Coast" Skype session in the near future. Would be great to hear a voice from down under.

    Best wishes,
    Tim Lauer