Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Interactive Whiteboards

After school today we had a PD session to explore the potential of the interactive whiteboard, with a view towards their application for classroom use. We have one installed in the staffroom and we saw a demonstration of its use. There were lots of appreciative sounds from the teachers as we saw some of what we could do with it. What I particularly liked was the potential for student interaction and the huge variety of different things it could do. This technology seems to cater for different learning styles - as we were told: “Teachers have embraced the Smart Boards technology as they have seen the heightened interest, enthusiasm and participation in the classroom. The physical involvement (that comes with the use of the boards) is a key factor in the impact that the Smart Boards have on learning. The students are active participants rather than passive observers.” Teachers who are using these boards have designed learning experiences for a whole range of subject areas and some of these are included with the software. We have been encouraged to play with the software on the four laptops available to staff and to book classes in to the staffroom for lessons with the whiteboard. I think I would like to play with it for a day or so to become familiar with it, but it does look like a great tool. D, our chief techie, quoted a study that showed that the rate of student absenteeism at one school dropped to almost zero when they introduced the smartboard. Of course, there is even a blog about one teacher’s record of the implementation of a SMART Board Interactive whiteboard into a primary school classroom.

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  1. I love SMARTBoards. I am supposedly getting one in my classroom (my brand new classroom -- I've been a teacher for three years and this will be my first classroom). I'm looking forward to not having to reserve a free room in order to use it.
    How long, do you think, until they're standard classroom tools?