Tuesday, August 09, 2005


This week we have a meeting coming up at school where one of the working parties looking at school improvement will be discussing Teacher Professional Collegiality. One of the ideas we will discuss is Team Teaching, whether in the classroom teaching the same group of students at the same time, or Collaborative teaching where the team work together in designing the course and then model inquiry based learning by discussing ideas and theories in front of the learners prior to student led discussion and small group work. Other models include team members who meet together to share ideas and resources but function independently in the classroom. These are just two of the many models of team teaching that exist that have the potential to promote collegiality among teachers working in a school. As well as doing some reading before the meeting we are also thinking about questions such as why is professional collegiality important, what are the constraints in working in this way, and what would we ideally like to see in our workplace?

One of the drawbacks, as I’ve said before, is time. Since early in the year one of my colleagues, J. and I have been going to observe each other’s classes to help foster a sense of collegiality, and to learn from each other. We know we have similar philosophies of learning and teaching, but we haven’t yet sat down to synchronise our timetables. But I’m determined to get it happening. Perhaps after this week when my student teacher finishes. All in all, it’s an exciting time and place to be working at the moment. There’s never a dull moment.

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