Saturday, August 06, 2005

All about writing

Being passionate about writing means there’s lots of opportunities to get involved at school. C. just came over and gave me a whole folder of info on creative writing, journalism, script writing and poetry competitions. She wants me to continue the writing club which meets at lunchtimes once a fortnight or so, to encourage student writers who write in their own time. The variety of opportunities is amazing. I’m looking forward to starting with this. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.
As well as this there is also the editing of the anthology to do. Every year, well, this is only the second year, we publish a volume of exemplary student writing as judged by teachers and the students themselves. Anyone can submit prose or poetry to the editorial committee (made up of teachers and students) which then selects the content. The cover is designed by an art student, and I’m expecting it to look great again this year. Last year we launched the inaugural edition of Ellipses at the Presentation Night, a huge ‘do’ at Robert Blackwood Hall at Monash Uni.
And then, in my writing class the students were (re)introduced to Haiku. They had a go at writing some themselves and some students read theirs aloud. They were asked to pick the one they were most pleased with and make a PowerPoint slide of the Haiku and illustrate it with an image they liked which suited the poem. They had a lot of fun doing this and some really beautiful pieces resulted. I was reading over at Anne Davis’ Weblog projects about some work she did a couple of years ago with her primary school students on writing haiku from the newspaper. It seems like a great idea.

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